The 4 easiest most classic rockabilly riffs for everyone from absolute beginners to more advanced players, with an introduction to the 12 bar blues, and how to play alongside it.

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Hello?: (0:00​​​)
Riff 1 – Psychobilly Shuffle: (0:45​)
Quick 12 Bar Rundown: (1:45)
Chords & Structure: (2:32)
Moving The Riff With The Chord Changes: (3:43)
Psychobilly Shuffle With Changes: (4:50)
Faster Psycho Shuffle: (5:35)
Riff 2 – Chuck Berry: (6:30​)
Moving Chuck: (9:19​)
Chuck Tabs: (10:06)
Riff 3 – Walking Bass Line: (10:49)
Walking Bass Line Tabs: (12:56)
Riff 4 – The Swingin’ Hillbilly: (13:18)
Swingin’ Tabs: (15:36)
Byeeee: (15:58)

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