Blues Guitar Rhythms & Techniques Explained & Patterns Broken Down. In this video lesson learn all about blues rhythms and techniques. We break down and teach the 1-4-5 progression and teach the patterns in detail. You will also learn about blues chords, music theory, chord notation, and 6/8 time signature used in blues. We also take you through a 12-bar minor key blues progression over a jam track and teach blues rhythm playing techniques. All rhythms broken down and explained at slow and record tempo with all chords diagrammed out on-screen so its easy to follow along. Enjoy and please like, share, and SUBSCRIBE. And rock on! -David Taub, Next Level Guitar Inc. & EGI. – get the jam track I used in this lesson plus 15 more tracks and two eBooks. It’s a killer practice tool called my MINI JAM TRACK VAULT from Next Level Guitar. – lots of fun links, FREE LESSONS, eBooks, and all my Guitar & Bass courses.

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Blues Guitar Rhythms & Techniques Explained & Patterns Broken Down
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