Open G slide guitar lesson of Come On In My Kitchen by Robert Johnson. The lesson includes a performance and then breaks all the licks down one by one and includes TAB.

Guitar is tuned (low to high):
D, G, D, G, B, D

The performance differs slightly from the licks in the lesson, and the tab. This is because I never play it exactly the same way twice. The main melody notes are the same, but the additional bass, percussive and incidental notes will all vary. I recommend learning the melody notes as I teach them, but then play it with your own interpretation and feel. As always, please don’t just rely on the tab, but use your ears and your own judgement.

Oh, and I’m just an amateur who never uses TAB so I’m not very good at writing it! However if you would like a copy of the TAB please email me at and I’ll send you the text file.

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The song has been covered by many artists including Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Keb Mo, Chris Jones and many many more. I try to stick to the original Robert Johnson version as best I can, but with all of those other versions rolling around in my head, its never going to be exactly like the original.

The song’s meaning is quite interesting, talking about a woman that has been turned out and rejected by community and the singer offers compassion in the form of shelter.