Here is my cover of Keith Richards Crosseyed heart from his new record with some basic tips on how to play it. The guitar part is a traditional acoustic blues, its great to hear him do stuff like this.

It is in the key of A. The basic chord pattern is A-E-D-A-E. I think it’s kinda like Red RIver Blues. One of the earliest piedmont blues songs by Buddy Moss, the guy that influenced Blind Boy Fuller and other east coast blues guys in the 1930s. The guitar part is also kinda of a Robert Johnson thing.

I love this song but wish it was longer so I wrote a few more verses for it. Here are Keith’s two verses and mine are the last three.

Keith’s Verses:
I love my sugar, love my honey too
I’m a greedy mother
you don’t know what to do
i got a cross-eyed heart

She’s so sweet, she drives me round the bend
I go round the corner
find another friend
i got a cross-eyed heart

My Verses:
1st she drives me crazy
Then she makes me mad
But she’s the best gal
That i ever had
i got a cross-eyed heart

She wont give me no honey
She hide her sugar too
Come on sugar mama
What is wrong with you
you got a cross-eyed heart?

You know if my baby
Don’t come back no more
that would be to soon to see her at my door
i got a cross-eyed heart

Goin down to the river
Watch the ships roll in
looking is my baby
comming back again
i got a cross-eyed heart