Easy acoustic Blues guitar backing track in E for you guys! Play-along starts 0:38
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I hope you guys enjoy this simple and easy acoustic Blues jam track in of E! Here for you guys to get it ALL out on….Blues is healing music :))))

Use good old E minor pentatonic scale to get started on this jam! Lock into that groove and get it ALL out – this guitar jam track is here for you guys to have fun!!!

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🎸Guitar used:

Builder’s Edition 717 by Taylor Guitars


Chill with an easy slow Blues:

Slow Blues jam (A) β†’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvPow…

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Tempo = 85 BPM

Chord progression:

II: E7 I A7 I E7 I E7 I
I A7 I A7 I E7 I E7 I
I B7 I A7 I E7 I E7 B7 :II

Knowing the main 7th arpeggios will come in handy:

E7 – E G# B D
A7 – A C# E G
B7 – B D# F# A

Suggested scales:

E Minor Pentatonic – E G A B D

E Minor Blues Scale – E G A A# B D


E Major Pentatonic – E F# G# B C#

(you could think C# minor pentatonic as it’s the same!)

E Major Blues Scale – E F# G G# B C#

E Mixolydian (E7 chords) – E F# G# A B C# D

E Dorian (A7 chords) – E F# G A B C# D

E Major Scale (B7 chords) – E F# G# A B C# D#

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