How to play Pink Floyd ‘Breathe in the air’,A look at the techniques involved to play this classic Dave Gilmour slide guitar style.
Including string damping,2 fret slides,and double string picking, I show you both left and right hand techniques,and take you through the notes step by step.
A Nelly tutorial,in how to play Slide Guitar.

This channel features Slide Guitar/Lapsteels and 6 strings and Indian Sitar…. and music technology
There’s also tutorials and tech talk and video’s on topics like Guitars, Effects Processors,Amps, Computer Music e.g. Guitar Rig, Amplitude,Ableton, as well as hints and tips,and more!!
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I play Slide Guitar/Lap steel Guitar,and Sitar, I live in Brighton, UK Born in London. Been in bands for 20 years, ran a recording studio for 10 years.I’m Music mad!!
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