Here’s a great Open G blues recorded by Muddy Waters in 1941 (by Alan Lomax, on “The Complete Plantation Recordings”). Free resources for this video are available here:

“Country Blues” was originally recorded as “Walking Blues” by Son House (and later Robert Johnson). Muddy Waters (who learned the song directly from Son House) recorded it later with slightly different lyrics under the title “Feel Like Goin’ Home”.

This is a reasonably straightforward guitar part, but features both fretted and slide parts and is a lot of fun to play!

Gear used in this video:
Silvertone 1457
The Rockslide (Joey Landreth slide)
Two Rock Studio Signature
Lovepedal Tchula

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00:00 Performance
00:53 Introduction
01:14 Song intro and technique
05:10 Verse
10:54 Wrap up