In this video, I am going to show you how to play your guitar in open g tuning. You are going to learn several ways to play open g tuning chords that sound amazing. Not only will you get beautiful sounding music with these open g chords, they will also be simple to play, resulting in sounds that won’t be possible to replicate in a standard tuning. Open G Bar Chords: First, I show you how to play open g bar chords on your guitar. These chords only require one finger to play, leaving your other fingers free to add all sorts of cool extensions and embellishments. I will take you through an open g bar chord progression using some of these shapes and approaches. Open G Drone Chords: Next, I take you though some beautiful sounding open g chords that take advantage of the irregular open string droning sound you get with open tunings. These shapes offer up all kinds of amazing sounds and are super simple to play, some shapes only requiring a single finger. Open G Blues Shuffle: Finally, I show you how incredibly easy it is to play a blues shuffle in open g tuning. Much simpler compared to standard tuning.