How to pick slide on Guitar (or pick scrape) Lesson with 5 Techniques to try out! In this quick guitar tricks we explore the super easy, but oh so awesome pick scrape. Something most of you probably already know how to do, but hopefully by the end of this tutorial there’ll be at least one new idea or tip for you to take away and apply to your own unique gutiar playing style! We have the standard, the inverted (Dave Mustaine style), the mini Steve Vai scrape, Joe Satrini (Satch) pick scrape picking, the zig zag one, with the whammy bar, behind the nut, the fret clacker and for good measure chucking on a whole host of effects!

For more quick guitar tricks check out the playlist:

♫ Timestamps ♫
0:00- Intro
0:11- Lesson Outline
0:41- Basic Technique
1:22- Tips & Stuff To Watch Out For
2:11- Dave Mustaine’s Inverted Slide
2:37- Steve Vai Mini Scrape
3:10- The ZigZag
3:59- The Fret Clanker
5:17- Nut Scratching
5:42- Pick Scrape Picking
5:49- Whammy Bar Pick Scraping
6:10- Put Some Effects On It For A Huge Sound m/
6:37- Outro

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