Slide Guitar Blues Lesson! Messiahsez Shows How To Play Some Slide Guitar Licks And Open D Chords!

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Also, Here are a bunch of blues guitar lessons!! Hope you enjoy!!

And here are some tips on how to play blues guitar!! Practice. Put passion and feeling into your playing. Understand that the vibration of the music is a direct connection to the universal reality of the flowing energy that we are!!! Then Go to Marty Schwartz? (Just kidding). Learn the blues scale in the key of E. Then learn to play it in other keys. Learn the blues shuffle in the key of E and the key of A. If you are playing slide learn to tune in open D and open G. Then learn the major and minor scales in the open tunings. Listen to blues music and get the feel for it. Realize that the music is best when you FEEL IT!!! The technical stuff is nice but feeling it makes all the difference. My silly channel has all this stuff on it so feel free to search for it. Also Stephen Grossman and Marty Feldman are great teachers. And finally, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!!! (just kidding, do whatever you want to do)!!

And here are some Slide Tips!!!

In re action. My steel guitar has relatively high action but my Gibson, which I also use for slide does not. Here are some ideas for you. When sliding learn to be gentle with your touch, especially when action is not high. Always play the note directly over the fret with the slide. When you slide within a fret be accurate so that the slider stays within the fret. Lastly, practice each part of the technique by itself. Once you have a technique down then play it in conjunction with your other chords and techniques. You are practicing the techniques and THEN the songs. I hope that helps!!!

And here are some great Blues People to listen to! Muddy Waters, Magic Sam, Charley Patton, Furry Lewis, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins,Chuck Berry, Bobby Radcliff, Blind Boys Of Alabama, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Elmore James, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt, Jeremiah Lockwood, Johnny Shines, Johnny Winter, Leadbelly, Rev. Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Rev. Robert Wilkins, Ry Cooder, Taj Majal, John Fahey. And Folk folks like Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger.

Beginners tips

This is my take on how to learn Guitar for beginners.
I also think these ideas relate to anything
you wish to learn.

Start slowly. Break down the playing into pieces. For example, tuning the guitar, Strumming, Picking, playing a scale, using a flat pick, using finger picks, riffs, licks, patterns, eventually songs. Practice each piece by itself. Then put the pieces together.

Google Spaced repetition and use it to learn guitar and everything else. It essentially says that learning, say a scale, is better done in 20 one minute sessions than one 20 minute session.

Choose your style. For example, Blues, Rock, Heavy Mental, Jazz, Folk, Country. Your Choice.

Get a guitar that matches your style choice.

Use the internet to get lessons in Your Style or get lessons from a real person. Listen and watch the masters of the chosen style.

Listen to music you love just before practicing.

MAKE IT FUN. FEEL THE MUSIC and make that part of your learning process. I honestly recommend using a deep breathing technique as part of the learning process. Breathe in through the nose and count to four. Breathe out through your mouth and count to six. Repeat. Note the feeling. Calms your mind and body and helps you focus on the job at hand.

Focus your attention on the process you use and the details of your current stage.

Realize that you are building muscle memory. Focus on the movement and help it become automatic. Practice air guitar, seriously, it helps develop the muscle memory.

Journal your daily activity.

Focus on the beat. Try open D tuning. It makes it easier. Make it fun. It is a joy to learn and it should never be a burden!!! Count 1 2 3 4 as you pluck or pick.

Sing what you are playing. This can be done with the mouth or just in the brain. Singing it easily connects your mind and body to the guitar.

Practice everyday or every other day, but commit to practice. WANT TO PRACTICE.


Messiahsez Thank you all so much. Please keep smiling!!!