1 minute – Blue Christmas,

7.25 – Jingle Bells

11.28 – Silent Night


Learn three classic Christmas songs; Blue Christmas by Elvis, Jingle Bells & Silent Night.

Arranged for guitar and especially blues minded guitar players we approach a delta or country blues tinged tune; a ragtime style tune and a haunting slide guitar take on a carol.

Great for the intermediate guitarist or the advancing one to use as a springboard.

Played on my 1930 National Tricone Resonator Guitar.

Any guitar will do!

Filmed while visitingโ€ฆ

Tลท Coets – https://www.facebook.com/tycoets


Expand your blues lesson – https://youtu.be/AFrh4HDTy-E

Ragtime lesson – https://youtu.be/wdN1anUMi44

Open G lesson – https://youtu.be/FUvZMgcqcgY



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