This is my 4th Jump Blues Module focusing on my favorite West Coast and Texas guitarists. This 4 video package focuses on signature solo ideas of T-Bone Walker, Goree Carter, Gatemouth Brown, Pee Wee Crayton, Pete Lewis, Jimmy Nolen, and early Albert Collins. It is designed for beginners and advanced. I take lines and apply them to the key of Bb, with attention to technique, accent, and tempo. I tried to build a profile of each of these players by listening to there songs. Once I isolated repetitive quotes and rhythmic phrases I transcribed them for this module. I use chord tones and CAGE grips to reinforce the memorization of some of these quotes. The end goad is an understanding of jump blues for players that are new to the style, but also be able to add depth to more advanced players desiring more detail. This was a fun journey for me and helped quantify ideas that I have learned or always wanted to learn. The complete video downloads are available on my website Just scroll to the bottom of my homepage.