Blues guitar lesson #10, where I show you how to play an easy blues groove in E, with different E minor blues licks on top! Recommended playing level: intermediate. Enjoy! Maarten

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—(Practicing) Backing Track For this Blues Lick—

00:00 introduction
02:17 track & feel
06:02 basic groove
11:03 thàt bend
18:41 Muddy’s Trills
25:04 chord hopping
33:26 hybrid picking
33:52 conclusion

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—ABOUT Blues Lesson Lick #10—
I’m proud to present to you my 10th blues lick guitar lesson. In this video, I’ll teach you how to play an easy blues groove in E, with different E minor blues licks on top! We’ll start from a basic (open E chord) groove and add different types of licks with hammer-ons, pull-offs, blues bends and hybrid picking.

Concepts that are present in this blues solo guitar lesson
– playing a blues groove (and licks) by yourself (or a basic rhythm)
– E minor blues scale
– bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, hybrid picking

– The guitar used is a Gibson ES-335 (pickups 57 classics)
– Amp: Fuchs Blackjack Mk II
– Pedals: TC Electronic The Spark Booster, MXR Carbon Copy, Subdecay String Theory, T- rex Tremster
– Captured w. the Universal Audio Ox

I had a lot of fun making this video, & I sincerely hope that this extended music lesson will provide you with some inspiration and maybe some new E minor blues licks that you can use in your playing!

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This video was written, recorded, filmed, and edited by Maarten
All guitars played by Maarten
Instagram/Twitter: @mbguitarlife

If you read this entire description, you are awesome! 🤘 So let me tell you something extra: in this video I experimented with recording the live ‘string’ sound of the guitar (If you look closely in the left corner during the intro, you’ll notice an condenser mic recording the live guitar sound). This gave me a ton of technical challenges to overcome (phase stuff etc…), but in hindsight, I’m glad I tried it. Lisen tot Eric Clapton’s Me & Mr. Johnson where you’ll often hear Clapton’s live string sound on top of the amplifier sound. I really like this effect, so that’s why I wanted to try it 😉