Song – Blue Leaves
Artist – Sami

I’m playing guitar
On Gibson App
My guitar is connected
With IRig HD 2 device
To IPad Pro
And sent to large monitor
And wired headphones
Via IOS usb expander

Song is part of
Module of Lick Lessons
With string bends

Slow blues in this course

Beginner tutorial
Helps you learn to
Jam to backing tracks

Gibson app available
Phone or tablet
IOS or Android
Pitch and rhythm detection
Built in tuner and digital amp

App also works with phone
Wired headphones
Are much better
Blue tooth has delay

App has custom arrangements
All skill levels
content in perfect chunks
Doesn’t overwhelm memory
Like some other apps do
Guitar amp effects
Looping reduced speed

Excellent pitch detection
Motivating Score feedback
Weekly community challenges
Its subscription based
Only guitar – no bass, piano lessons

#learn guitar