Easy 12 Bar Blues guitar lesson. This is a great lesson for beginner players with easy-to-follow onscreen tabs, and instructions. This lesson will make it simple for you to learn all the parts to the song. With a breakdown of each section played up to speed, then I will talk you through each guitar part, then play that section slowly.

With Easy 12 Bar Blues guitar lesson, I’ll talk you through each guitar part. We’ll start with the A riff. In this lesson you will learn how to play the all the parts to the pattern.

One of the harder parts of this guitar lesson is being able to stretch to the forth fret.

When learning an Easy 12 Bar Blues start slowly and build your speed.
This is a series of songs and lessons that Michael Warren will be posted weekly. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and as always take your time and build your speed. Easy 12 Bar Blues guitar lesson is a must for all beginners.

0:00 Intro
0:33 A riff
2:11 D riff
2:58 A riff
3:20 E riff

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