F Blues Licks Guitar Lesson: Find the tabs at http:www.freeguitarvideos.comLJ_BlLJ02.html Peter will start by reviewing the Fm Pentatonic Scale in two po…

5 thoughts on “F Blues Licks Guitar Lesson

  1. Why does the third scale is in the first frets and the third lick in much lower frets?

  2. Hey everybody, i made a vid of my alltime favorite blues licks found on youtube. Check my channel, maybe you can get something out of it..

  3. Excelente video didàctico, Maestro!!!. Felicitaciones!.

  4. Very Fine lesson here. Great! Uncle Raggy

  5. I have been playing guitar for over 51 years and i have to tell you we always called what your doing runs. I here the use of the word pentatonic and wounder when did they change the name? Nice job on the lesson

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