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Learn how to play Honky Tonk Women on guitar as performed by The Rolling Stones.

Covering all guitar parts including Keith’s rhythm guitar part, both lead guitar parts in the pre-chorus, and the guitar solo section. Learn to love the Open G tuning for this one, probably the first or one of the first Open G songs that Keith Richards is using on record that establishes that classic Stones sound that we all love from 1969 – forward. I discuss what are the Keith parts vs Mick Taylor – which is tough to get good information about, but I outline my opinion here.

Part 2 of this lesson series is me covering the song with Charlie Watts’ drum and Bill Wyman’s bass tracks. See what we cover here in action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngvgdty3HXc

There is a lot to cover here, I took my time with this one to try to cover all parts and provide insight on how they fit. If this is new to you, work on these parts with what I provide here and you will amaze your friends by playing this the way we all know it from the record.

Hope you enjoy.

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00:00 Mini-demo of part the song – Click on Part II to see full song demo!
00:40 Introduction, what’s in this lesson
03:58 Tuning and tone setup
05:59 Lesson – Rhythm Guitar- Opening Riff
08:21 Lesson – Rhythm Guitar- Verse sections
14:50 Lesson – Rhythm Guitar – Chorus sections
19:20 Lesson – Lead Guitar 1 – Pre-Chorus
23:50 Lesson – Lead Guitar 1 – Outro
25:02 Lesson – Lead Guitar 2 – Pre-Chorus
27:49 Lesson – Lead Guitar 2 – Outro
30:18 Lesson – Lead Guitar (guitar solo)
36:31 Final Thoughts