👉Stop Dreaming & Play Guitar: www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons In this Blues Guitar Study, we explore how to mix licks into your rhythm playing! We use Blues as a framework and check out some helpful tricks about how to start improvising in this style! #blues #guitarlesson #12BarBlues

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00:00 How To Mix Licks With Rhythm – Playthrough
01:13 How To Mix Licks With Rhythm – Lickin’ Riff Blues Guitar Study
01:36 Mixing lead lines into the rhythm
02:03 How to make your lick sound good
02:42 Before you start with this Blues Study
03:32 Exploring Blues intro and ends
04:06 Blues Study: Introduction Lick
06:34 Blues Study: The first 12 bar Blues progression
10:48 Blues Study: Exploring the second bar sequence of the first progression
14:16 Blues Study: Playing the first two bar sequences
15:34 Blues Study: The second 12 bar Blues progression
18:09 Blues progression for beginners
22:01 Blues Study: Playing the second 12 bar Blues progression
23:01 Mixing riffs into licks: learn sets and start off simple
28:45 Write your own licks
29:13 Keep in touch!

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