Jimmy asks Keith Richards about embarking on another tour with The Rolling Stones and shares some of his favorite moments from past shows. Subscribe NOW to L…

26 thoughts on “Keith Richards on His New Tour

  1. Maybe so but he will live to be 3000!!!!!

  2. so glad I scored a ticket to the show, cannot wait to see my idol Keef <333

  3. for such a huge rock star, keith seems pretty down to earth

  4. he is still alive? he’s like 300 years old 😀

  5. Oh we love you Keith – we love the STONES -:) Keep rocking it !
    GREAT interview !

  6. well,after doing coke for over 50 years..the effects become kinda permanent 😛

  7. Errrrm! …OMG! I want a pair of his black Rolling Stones sneakers!

  8. Errrrm! …OMG! I want a pair of his black Rolling Stones sneakers!

  9. "They were pulling their clothes off, what I dont get"..haha:D

  10. keith please!!!!!!!! i’m gonna use my cancer card! please i need 2 tickets. <3 or at least an afternoon of conversation and laffs!!

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  12. I wish they were coming to Australia 🙁

  13. This is what makes Fallon so great, he is just like us…a fan!

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