Ready to dive into the soulful world of blues solos? In this video, I’m unpacking everything you need to know to play blues guitar like a pro. From mastering the essential C Mixolydian scale to exploring the art of improvisation, I’ve got you covered. Let’s do it!

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0:00-1:03: Blues Jam Sesh
1:04-1:33: Intro
1:34-2:07: Blues Soloing Device in C Key
2:08-3:30: C Mixolydian Scale Position
3:31-4:31: Expanding the Scale
4:32-5:55: Melodic Device Technique
5:56-6:32: Applying the Technique Across Strings
6:33-8:31: Combining Techniques and Scales
8:32-10:13: Practical Application Over C9 Chord
10:14-12:00: Incorporating Blues Scale
12:01-12:34: Outro