Doing some work on the bat exhibit, trying out warded glass, and starting on the minoshroom enclosure. Feed The Beast is a collection of mods all rolled into…

25 thoughts on “Minecraft Feed The Beast – S2E48 – Squeek!

  1. Zoo is really coming along!! Keep it up beef!

  2. I like it but the wooden fences ( I think wrong spelling)  dont go

  3. It’s pronounced ‘THAWMCRAFT’ thumb up so he can see.

  4. No one ever listens though to me in life or in games like ftb minecraft

  5. Put turtles with diamond swords and have them as security guards please do it

  6. What is with people with account pictures that are either really close up at a retarded face or a super old photo?

  7. you should get into forestry and bee breading and start getting different types of trees so that you can make the snack bar out of cherry wood or another type and make it look nice

  8. u forgot show us the turtrle in the moring that u said in the other ep

  9. you should do the bee and tree thing in ftd for zoo

  10. Can’t you just used wireless receivers instead of wiring them all together?

  11. me and you should meet on a server im epicchap1357

  12. you should make it deeper on the side the bat’s aren’t there

  13. actually, now that I’ve looked, there are NO added underwater mobs in ftb :/

  14. How are you going to prevent mobs from spawning in the cave?

  15. Hey Beef, love your zoo, but I was just wondering if you were planning to make an underwater exhibit of any kind? I’ve looked through most of your episodes and couldn’t find any mention of it. You could make it sort of like the squirrel exhibit, where there’s a dome underwater or something, and you can see their genitals.

    But then again, I’m not too sure if there are any easy-to-obtain underwater mobs in FTB. But, just an idea 😀

  16. the reason the bats are on the one side is because the other side is bright

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