TABLATURE HERE! Play Mo Better Blues by Branford Marsalis in acoustic fingerstyle guitar arrangement with the free tab on the site. You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs and songs on

14 thoughts on “Mo Better Blues – Fingerstyle + TAB! Learn to play jazz on guitar

  1. why the hell are people spending so much money for guitar lessons? youtube is free and much easier to understand

  2. @RappareHezzy the X means that you have to hit the sting. 🙂

  3. I’ve been looking for this! Thanks for this and all the other tabs! -from Portland, Oregon, USA

  4. un altro bel pezzo…lo studio procede …il libro è bellissimissimo !!!

  5. Vraiment bon! Toutes et chacunes des chansons sont vraiment excellentes, je n’en ai à ce jour pas trouvé une qui me déplaise.. merci pour ce talent que tu nous lègue =D

  6. Awespme, great piece of music from a great movie.
    Thank you for sharing and teaching !!!

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