The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to guitars:

luthiers. There are two primary families of guitars: acoustic and electric.

[edit] What type of thing is a guitar?

[edit] Types and varieties of guitars

[edit] Standard guitar variations

[edit] Pitch-based variations

[edit] Steel guitars

[edit] Extra strings

[edit] Misc

[edit] Guitar-like instruments

[edit] Models

[edit] 6-String

[edit] Acoustic guitar models

[edit] Semi-acoustic models

[edit] Solid body electric models

[edit] Basses

[edit] Parts of a guitar

[edit] Guitar accessories

[edit] Misc

[edit] Guitar amplifiers

[edit] Guitar effects

(also known as “Stomp Box”)

[edit] Guitar software

[edit] Guitar use

[edit] Guitar music

[edit] Guitar tunings

See Guitar tuning

[edit] Guitar playing styles

The difference between guitar playing styles and guitar techniques (below) is that a style is a collection of techniques

[edit] Guitar technique

Main Category: Category:Guitar performance techniques

[edit] Fretting hand technique

[edit] Bridge (Right) hand techniques

See also the following from strumming above the fingerboard)

[edit] Strumming
[edit] Flat picking (single picking, plectrum picking)
[edit] Finger picking (multiple picking)
[edit] Percussive techniques

[edit] Head (Left) hand techniques

[edit] Legato techniques
[edit] Harmonic techniques

[edit] Extended techniques

[edit] History of guitars

[edit] Guitar makers

[edit] Guitar music

[edit] Guitar community

[edit] Guitar magazines, web-sites and other media

[edit] Guitar festivals

[edit] Significant guitarists

[edit] Guitar methodologies

[edit] Slang and other terms

[edit] See also

[edit] References

[edit] External links

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