Some time ago I accidentally stomped on Robert Johnson and I was amazed. Since that time I started reading, learning for him and the Blues and above all listening to them. So… recently I created a Blog (which due to personal obligations isnt very good yet) and more recently this youtube channel on which I hope that I will post my blues music videos… Not something special but something which I started with lots of love about this music. Hope you ll like them and enjoy!!! my Blog in English: and in Greek: One of my favourite RJ songs. "Me and the Devil Blues" is a blues song by Robert Johnson. It tells the story of the singers waking up one morning to the devil knocking on the door, telling him that "its time to go"… The song was covered by Eric Clapton and many others. (Lyrics): Early this morning When you knocked upon my door Early this morning, oooo When you knocked upon my door And I said hello Satan I believe its time to go Me and the Devil Was walkin side by side Me and the Devil, woooo Was walking side by side And Im going to beat my woman Til I get satisfied She said you dont see why That she would dog me round (Spoken:) Now baby you know you aint doin me right dontcha She say you dont see why, whoooo That she would dog me round It must-a be that old evil spirit So deep down in the ground You may bury my body Down by the highway side (Spoken:) Baby, I dont care where you bury my body <b>…<b>