Shuffle Blues Backing Track for guitar, happy jamming!
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Fast shuffle 12 Bars Blues
Key song: Bb

WaveJamTracks is a channel to improve your lead, groove feeling and to have fun! I love Blues, funk, rock and acoustic music, I hope you like my work, day by day I try to improve video’s quality, I have few time but I try to offer good Jam Tracks.
Usually my Jam tracks has three versions: for bass players, for drums players and guitar players or other lead instruments.
I played and recorded all instruments in my Jamtracks with my Fender and Gibson guitars and basses. For Drums I use EZ Drums and sometimes I use EZ Keys for keyboards, everytime written by me.
Enjoy and play loud!

WaveJamTracks delivers backingtracks in various genres and styles. Commercial use is not allowed (i.e. monetization on YouTube, selling songs made from our backing tracks, etc.)