The quintessential Stones classic "Start Me Up" for all my friends and subscribers!

20 thoughts on “Ultimate "Start Me Up" Lesson in Open-G Tuning

  1. Too Much Talking and too much distortion dude bla bla bla

  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the lesson. Anyone just getting into Open G tuning would be thrilled and inspired to learn a bit of The Stones for their next jam/party. You have a very nice way of explaining things and its really good of you to try and help people out there. I didn’t mind your talking as it was in a very natural and off-the-cuff kind of way.

  3. Dude tune your guitar properly and change that sound, it’s horrible, way too bright!

  4. you got a really lovely manner and style, man. Thanks for the tips.

  5. You should do a tutorial for "You talk too much"

  6. Nice ideas for fill in notes. Its always great to see other players different approach.
    BTW I can’t stand burger hating anorexic trolls anyway!

  7. Your pinky is going nuts!! looks like youre playing megadeath. get better cam angle. pretty helpful.

  8. seriously.. do you really think that this sounded right? Internet worth? Talking through out this video for almost a eternity just to do that? Was getting bored but I kept watching… and then those chords.. and I left.
    Nice shirt by the way.

  9. I just learned this and I love it man. you are the MAN!

  10. Go straight to 03:30 he talks bollocks till then.

  11. nice lesson any chance you will be doing cant you hear me knocking?

  12. @ryandeakin5878 why yes. yes it is. i think i picked it up at a store in Myrtle Beach

  13. BTW, I checked out this guy’s channel, and he could be the most ignorant and stupid person that I’ve ever seen grace the internet. As most of my viewers know, I NEVER get personal or attack people; but just click on this guy’s name and check out some of the comments he’s posted on other people’s videos. It’s tragic that someone has to get his "ROCKS OFF" going through youTube belittling people. Sounds to me like a BULLY who needs to get his account deactivated. I hate bullies. A lot.

  14. And to answer your other question I have about eight videos regarding open-G tuning and apparently I talk to much in all them lol

  15. Jamie, I appreciate your backing me up but it’s been too much of an uphill battle to fight these guys and I really don’t care anymore. Don’t waste your time. The overwhelming response has been positive and I can’t even fathom how I’ve gotten to almost 70,000 views with these videos. So obviously I’m doing something right. But to answer your question, I am an armchair guitarist. Not very good or technical and I explain things in a very simple way. Maybe thats why other armchair guitars watch.

  16. On the grown man cry part. Which frets do you play after the 10th ? I really cant get it.

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