Vieos to reference if you struggle with any concept in this video:

Theory Basics 1 (understanding intervals)
Theory Basics 2 (tuning by ear and understanding the fretboard)
Understanding Blues Part 1

Want to understand blues guitar? If you have been just copying licks and playing them parrot fashion then its highly unlikely that you understand what you are playing – and therefore you will struggle to play your licks in context.

Why does one guitar lick sound great over the IV chord – but not so good over the I chord? Why is it possible to play just one phrase repeatedly and it sounds great over the I chord and the IV chord?!

Hopefully after watching this video you will be well on your way to understanding these concepts and well on your way to being able to build your own guitar licks and solos!

Please let me know in the comments below – what you understood- what you didnt. I will be very happy to do a video to fill in the blanks for those that need it.