I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons – Guitar Lesson (Eric H)

UPDATE 122412: Added new annotations showing the main strumming pattern and chord progressions throughout the song. Hope that they are helpful! ~Eric The new Mumford and Sons single I Will Wait broken down. The tuning is open C# as heard on their new album Babel. This is my first lesson. To see the entire song played as shown, I made a recording: www.youtube.com

13 thoughts on “I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons – Guitar Lesson (Eric H)

  1. Eric Hunt Post author

    The pattern is down down up down up, Repeat

    Strum Pattern:

    1_2_3 x_4 x_5_6 x_7

    v_v_ʌ v_ʌ v_ v_ʌ v_ ʌ Repeat

    Listen to the recording and try not to think about each stroke. Think about getting your hand moving constantly in that rhythm, then work on only hitting the strings when you want to in the pattern. My 2 cents.

  2. ChicagoHomeSweet Post author

    Excellent Eric, a real faithful version of a great song. Your strumming is sweeeet don’t know how you keep such brilliant timing.

  3. Wellythething Post author

    Your the best guitar teacher ever!!!!!!! Just need to slow down on the tuning a bit

  4. Brandon Edwards Post author

    The SNL version is down a half step in C, otherwise looks great man! Could you post the chords and lyrics please? thanks!

  5. Aminus4peace Post author

    Man Thanks for The lessonn it’s just Perfect, i’ll try to cover it once i master it 😀

  6. masteraddavarlden Post author

    Hey man, thanks for doing this but I figured it out both in Open D and C tuning! 😀

  7. Eric Hunt Post author

    Sorry I didn’t see your comment and was responding to a confused commenter. Thanks!

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