Sky reporter Lucy Cotter reports on the Rolling Stones 50 years since their first gig. DATELINE; The Rolling Stones Debut at the Marquee Club on 12 July 1962 ON 12 July 1962 the group played their first formal gig at the Marquee Club Billed as………. "The Rollin Stones" The line up was Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Ian (Stu) Stewart on piano, Dick Taylor on bass and Tony Chapman on drums. Jones intended for the the band to play primary Chicago Blues but Jagger and Richards brought the rock n roll of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley to the band. Bassist Bill Wyman joined in December and drummer Charlie Watts the following January to form the long-standing Stones rhythm section. The Band embarked on their first UK tour in July 1963 and played their first gig outside greater London on Saturday 13 July 1963 at the Outlook Club in Middlesbrough in which they were paid £40 ; they shared the billing that night with the Hollies.

8 thoughts on “50 Years ago TODAY on 12 July 1962 Rolling Stones play their first gig at the Marquee Club, London.

  1. I knew that, I was only pointing the line up for the Marquee

  2. For those keeping score at home, The Rolling Stones original drummer was the late Carlo Little. Charlie Watts didn’t join the group until January 1963.

  3. I’m jealous too, but you know off what, ha ha ha

  4. Thank you my friend, I had that thought in my head when I opened my YouTube channel seven months ago. rollingstones50years thanks you for coming on and posting.

  5. Yes it’s in London. Jeez if I can go to the Ronnie Wood art show in New York surely I can manage that one, it’s just 500 miles down the road, ha ha ha

  6. Added to my favorites. I would loved to be at that exhibition. Where is it London?

  7. AWESOME as it now for suits your channels name.AMAZING they are still around.Thank you for sharing this.ROCK ON!!!

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