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7 thoughts on “Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson With Robert Johnson Style Turnaround

  1. Ran onto your lesson while cruising through you tube. Great lesson. Was able to incorporate it as a turn around and ending pretty quickly. Hooked on your teaching methods. Will subscribe to your site hoping for more of the same. Have played finger style since the 60’s and picking it back up after a hiatas of 30 yrs playing banjo and flat picking guitar. Appreciate your patient style and detailed explainations.

  2. Great lessons from a guy that is not in love with himself….Thanks Griff

  3. Loved it..have to practice it more. Only I could make this sound like the intro to Paul
    Weller’s ‘Wildwood Flower". LOL

  4. Love and appreciate the hell out of your vids man.  Cheers..

  5. Always the coolest lessons with no BS. Thanks Griff.

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