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24 thoughts on “Advanced Blues Guitar Lesson : Playing Over the I IV V

  1. maybe cause there is the word "advanced" in the title.

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  3. Yup, music theory goes a long way. Especially when it comes to explaining what you’re playing. Nice lesson and good view of what you’re playing.

  4. Great piece of instruction and demonstration that will make jazzier changes more understandable!

  5. you are a very good teacher and your guitar is very nice…

  6. excellent lesson! This has definitely got me on the right track with soloing across blues progressions. Lots of good information. Not just the licks, but how to build your own. One of the best I’ve seen.

  7. you are a very good teacher with a good feeling !

  8. Thanks for your comment, I love guitar, but always fight with the "I suck voice in my head". Youtube can be so inspiring and intimidating…there are 1000 ten yo kids who play SRV better than me!

  9. I don’t know what hes talk’n ’bout, but I can play what he’s putting down

  10. "nug"

    Yes, some of got it.

    Awesome demo of following chord tones.

  11. of you mean mary had alittle lamp by buddy guy or stevie ray vaughan i actually wouldn’t recoment any beginner to practise that ^^

  12. His fretting hand is giving you the middle finger, so he’s verbally flipping Marty off. God Bless!!!!!!!

  13. 1:14 Marty flipped me off. God Bless!!!!!!!!

  14. a four chord is the triad of the fourth note of the scale.

  15. In the key of A the four chord is D. A b c# D e f# g#

  16. whats a 4 chord? is it that only 4 strings r used?

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