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24 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso Spa 2010 lap on slide guitar – Vuelta de Alonso a Spa 2010 en guitarra

  1. If you listen even more carefully, you can hear I am dropping the revolutions a bit in Eau Rouge. Maybe what is confusing you is that I really don´t use the alternate picking to imitate the limiter sound, but to keep strings vibrating in long straights. Almost everyone thinks that is the limiter, so I finally gave up and decided to use the alternate picking as the limiter in my last two videos, using conventional picking for the sustain. Anyway, thanks for paying so much attention!!

  2. Awesome only criticism is you got eau rouge wrong, due to the elevation amd downforce there is a drop in revs slightly and you dont bounce off the limiter but hey who am i to complain, you sir are awesome 🙂 wish i could do that.

  3. Formula 1, Spa and a guitar – is there anything better?

  4. You mean making a live video during a F1 race or something?

  5. You should go play this live sometime! hahah

  6. q al pedo esta este muchacho…. Slide Blues no??? :/

  7. Yeah!! It was worthy. Thanks for appreciating!!

  8. i had to learn the correct point when gears are changed no?

  9. And that´s one of the best comments ever!!! Thank you so much!!!

  10. This is one of the most amazing video I have ever seen or listened to. This deserves at least 20 million views my friend. I take my hat off to you. Brilliant!

  11. Okay, my mind is absolutely shattered. No doubt, one of the most awesome things I’ve sen in my entire life. O.O

  12. that was a famous brazilian guitar man, kiko loureiro… I put the title in english "barrichello spa lap in guitar" to help to find…

  13. Thanks for sharing!!! It´s nice to see someone else playing a guitar lap! However, I must say he could have done it better, just as good as Rubens Barrichello deserves.

  14. in brazil they made the same with Kiko Loureiro playing the Rubens Barrichello Spa Lap … the video in my channell "homenagem a Rubens Barrichello "

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