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23 thoughts on “Fernando Alonso Korea 2010 lap on slide guitar – Vuelta de Alonso a Corea 2010 en guitarra

  1. It´s a slide (a steel cillinder).

  2. whats that thing you’re holding in your left hand?

  3. No fake, that´s for sure. A slide always gets this kind of legato sound, similar to bending. Try later and you will see!

  4. I play e-guitar too and it is possible but I´m not sure if it will sound that nice with slides so i think its a bit fake (like a muted guitar) cause with these frets you don´t get such a nice lagato sound like in the video, if you do bendings it will sound more like this btút I think i´ll try it later by myself and make sure ;)

  5. men,, I play guitare please can you teach me,,,,,plzz

  6. this shows us what hats could do if they had a human body

  7. That’s one of the coolest things I have ever seen

  8. omfg..
    I’m gonna show this one to my guitar teacher :d

  9. And even I would like to have eyes on my back to watch the screen while play… :O

  10. Your neighbours must think you have an autodrome in your backyard, right?

  11. You can watch it right now!! Check my other videos.

  12. First time I watched this my roommate thought I was watching an actual f1 video, great job man.

  13. That was great, but could you get it to sound like a F1 car resounding off the trees say like this other youtube vid titled Lewis Hamilton & Tony Stewart – Seat Swap Special (Part 5) Tony Drives F1 Car. Say at 0.28 to 0.32 in that vid. TIA

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