BB King performs "The Thrill is Gone" at Guitar Centers King of the Blues 2006. Check out our Channel for more exclusive content!

20 thoughts on “BB King "The Thrill is Gone" Live At Guitar Center’s King of the Blues

  1. its what we call BumNote, you re not wrong mf, but its a Bumnote ^^

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  3. u dont know that.. Resolution is one thing but feel is another. I know theory. IMO it sounded beter without using the octave. It creates a feeling, u should know this if u know theory. u dont always resolve.

  4. Well he was 81 yrs old here. I don’t see to many people that age who can still play anywhere close, not to mention most guitarist would never be able to play that well ever. And sure he has the musical knowledge, he just doesn’t have the youth he once had. Really man, calling a guy out in his eighties on one wrong note. sounds like somebody wishes they had talent they don’t.

  5. every single note that comes out from lucille has his root in the heart of this living legend… people like BB should live forever

  6. exactly… bb is the encarnation of the blues…. listen this at full volume… it cause me shivers…. huge respect for the true and only king of the blues…. mr bb king…

  7. Thanks for the post….going to see him next week. Going to see if I can bribe the security before the show to have him sign my guitar. Great Vid.

  8. He makes it look so damn cool. He wields that guitar like a machine gun.

  9. 3 people should go listen justin biber and dont bother here

  10. Even when it´s basicallly a gibson es 335, and without a doubt the es series are the best hollowbody guitars in the world…. in this case I think 20{10faa3092bae83cdf963b1ab1025701434ba1e012413cb9c0c72be0a479389c3} accounts for Lucile…. the rest is BB´s technique and vibrato.

  11. If you really want to experience this…. turn tje volume to 11…. then and only then you will know why BB is the one and only king…. and I´m a HUGE clapton-beck-buddy-SRV-bonammasa- fan…. and I love the music of muddy, howlin wolf and the bluesmans of the generation of BB…. but, this is amazing. No one comes close even.

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