http:6-string-videos.combluestabs Learn to play these amazing Blues Guitar Fingerstyle Pieces. You can get the tabs FREE using the link above.

11 thoughts on “Blues Acoustic Guitar

  1. Buy the Robert Johnson Collection – I did, no regrets, great lessons, clear, concise – complete!

  2. Under the video panle xxxxxx/bluestabs ??

    You may need to refresh when you get there

  3. Under the video panel?

    You may need to refresh when you get there.

  4. Hey Mike thanks for this, refreshed page but no tab 🙁

  5. hey Mike good to hear from you again

  6. Nice! No surprise for me, but just a confirmation of what I use to play 🙂 I like it.

  7. awesome!!! Thanks for every video you do.

  8. Sorry….youtube was too quick for me. Refresh the page.

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