A lesson for beginners on the 12 bar blues progression and teaches the Turn Around teaching the 9 chord. The teacher is Keith Wyatt Part of the Ultimate Begi…

17 thoughts on “Blues Guitar Lesson 2 – The 12 Bar Blues Progression

  1. You can buy this DVD guy’s. Mine has parts one and two. One of the best tutorial DVD’s for learning blues.

  2. also one more question.
    Why do you play A7 and not Amaj7? If A is I, D is IV and E is V, then you should play Amaj7 so that we can here the note G# which is in the A scale.

  3. Agree,I am going to try this stuff with a band , ty keith

  4. One of the best guitar lessons on YouTube. Thank You.

  5. So basic and real stuff ty keith lol

  6. This is fabulous!!! I’ve learned more playing with you than I did in the last two months,thnx! I’m hoping to see more lessons. :))

  7. does anyone know where the rest of these lessons (5 and up) are located?

  8. Great lesson.Very well explained.Thank you

  9. This lesson is excellent. You really know what you are doing! We will be back to work on this lesson again. Thanks!

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