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You may not know the term, but if you have ever listened to blues music, you’ve definitely heard sliding 9ths. In this video, not only will you learn what’s going on harmonically on these guitar slides, but you can learn how to play them yourself. Guitarist Michael Williams provides a valuable lesson on playing sliding 9ths over the favored I IV V chord progression. This video comes from “Blues Guitar,” a Berklee Online course written by Michael Williams.

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Michael Williams has been active as a blues and jazz guitarist around New England since 1987. He has performed extensively throughout the US and Canada as a member of Grammy-winner James Cotton’s blues band, and with many other artists, including David “Fathead” Newman, Mighty Sam McClain, the Bruce Katz Band, and his own band, Michael Williams and Friends.
Michael authored the Berklee Online courses Blues Guitar and Advanced Blues Guitar, and teaches private online lessons.

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