Learn more about Michaels Blues Guitar course at: bit.ly Berkleemusic hosted an online Open House with instructor Michael Williams, authorinstructor of our online Blues Guitar course, on September 8th. Michael Williams is a Professor at Berklee College of Music, and the author and instructor of Berkleemusics online Blues Guitar course. His free guitar lessons are among the most popular videos on Berkleemusics YouTube channel, with over three million views and counting!

17 thoughts on “Michael Williams – Blues Guitar – Berkleemusic Open House

  1. Mike you gave me the Blues dude big time, thank you so much for getting me in the pocket brother!!!!

  2. i’m so close to buying a plane ticket and coming to spend some serious time with Mike 🙂 you are my blues dude right now 🙂 keep up the good word buddy 😀

  3. I LIKE how he explain the call and response its like ask a question get an answer ask another get another then ask another then its like argument and maybe fight then resolve. i like this theory

  4. I performed for him today at my Berklee audition. He is one amazing player:))

  5. Didn’t know Viggo Mortensen was so deep into blues and so awesome at playing guitar! Just kiddin’…Michael Williams is top notch!

  6. Man this is really wonderful. Thanks for putting this out. Really connecting to the music, but using technical ideas to do so.

  7. great tutorial, great explanations, easy to understand, thanks very much!

  8. Great video, great information, great instruction. I love that swing Thanks Mike

  9. this is great. i studied with Mike at berklee and it was a great experience. i learned a lot from him!

  10. Ciao Mike, thanks for answering the last question. It was a real honor having you as my guitar teacher at Berklee.
    Ciao da Milano

  11. He is a genius, awesome, I only wanted to watch 10 minutes but the full lesson is so interesting, I need to see more videos of him

  12. this is really amazing and inspiring! thanks for the upload!

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