Bonnie Raitt, fittingly playing an Elmore James song. It could be said that Bonnie Raitt grew up surrounded by blues musicians, her first ablbum demostrating this. She has shared the stage with some of the best and has one of the meanest slide variations around. Her music became a mixture of countryt and western blues and a kind of middle of the road rock, which the americans seem so fond of. But, when she played the blues it was something else.

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  1. The 1st lady of electric blues. She can sing me to sleep anytime.

  2. I saw her open for Steve Miller, in Park West, Utah. Miller got rained out, but it was too late. I’d already fallen in love with Bonnie 🙂

  3. Yes, this will do just fine…Bonnie Raitt and Kim Wilson together. The whole thing makes me feel the way that the best music always me feel – glad to be here and glad to have an appreciation for the finer things in life!

    If you like this I suggest that you check out the Elmore James original too.

    Many thanks to beebopbeedoobi for this.

  4. i think Bonnie, Junior Brown, Prince, and Brian Setzer need to form a band, or maybe a league of "B*astards" of the Guitar world…. all over looked and underated as great guitarists, but all able to absolutely shred and and humilate most of those listed in Top "lists"…. and deserve to be up there with the true "accepted" greats like Buddy, and Duane……Bonnie is just a slide virtuoso, Axe Queen!..that she’s got the sexiest husky blues honky tonk voice for me is still second to that.

  5. Right up there with the greats. So underrated as a slide player….cause her singing, writing and stage presence is so damn good!

  6. She is on my short list of favs w Buddy Guy, Stevie, Sister Tharpe, Duane Allman, and she stands eye to eye with all of em……Bonnie OWNS the slide guitar style……her skills on guitar are not given their just due enough…..

  7. Bonnie Raitt is not un-recognised. At least not by anyone who knows anything about music. On the contrary…

  8. MUSE – Musicians United for Save Energy – NUKEFREE ! 7.August 2011, Bonnie Raitt , The Doobie Brothers, Kitaro, Jackson Brown, John Hall, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jason Mraz, Tom Morello, …

  9. she is absolutely amazing and so un-recognized…love her voice…

  10. If the angles in heaven don’t all sound like Bonnie — I ain’t going !

  11. If the angles in heaven don’t all sound like Bonnie — I ain’t going !

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