Messiahsez lurnt this from The Jeremiah Lockwood on Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “Boogie Woogie in Open D Tuning

  1. thnxs for this video bro i now have an addtion to my library and i promise ill post some of my work soon

  2. There are two skin cares videos now. Maybe three. Clay and salt. Very good for skin. Good skin. Happy person. Please search. Is good for the you.

  3. You’re going to make skin care videos? No no no, you need to make facial hair care videos. How do I get my goatee as fluffy as your beard?

  4. yes, it’s dedicated to SRV. search on youtube "stevie’s blues siggi". it’s a good lesson; even me, an antitalent, I learned the beginning of the song

  5. I have seen mr. Emmanuel. He plays very fast and very well. My problem is that I don’t know what stuff he plays as he goes up the neck. I would love to learn it but the more I take lessons the worse I get. I was always a tough student. Is stevies boogie Stevie ray Vaughn?

  6. nice. have you tried "Stevie’s Blues" or "Guitar Boogie" by Tommy Emmanuel?

  7. You are a very nice person nick. Very nice. I am happy to be your friend.

  8. Me enjoyed your video . Please keep on posting Music videos . they are the Best on youtube.
    Best Wishes Nick

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