This is my take on John Farnhams Burn for you played in the open E tuning. Played on a Takamine PT-406 Lawsuit recorded to a Zoom HD-8 recorder and edited with Magix movie edit pro 15. This is not the way the song was originally done but it sounds good on acoustic guitar.

18 thoughts on “Burn for you. John Farnham (Cover ) Open E Tuning

  1. Thankyou for doing that I wish I had the voice to do it myself. Very nice and thankyou for posting the link

  2. Hi dugsbugs1 thank you for playing this awesome song. I have sung to the music that you have uploaded if you check out my YouTube page.
    I really loved your rendition and really felt the song.
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Can’t help you any more than what you see. It is a complex song. I play by ear not tabs. All I can suggest is save the video to your computer and watch and listen to the notes until you get it. Break it down into sections and work out one bit at a time .
    Good luck..

  4. this is such a great rendition ive layed some vocals on it i hope you dont mind once again fantastic feel thanks for sharing

  5. No it isn’t I have never worked the original out. It has a lot of bar chords which is ok on electric but not as effective on acoustic (in my view)

  6. Thanks for that ,It takes a lot of listening and practice, It definitely doesn’t come naturally 

  7. Awesome matey!!!!!! you are a natural !!! am jelous!!!!

  8. I love the variation. The best one on here!
    Thank you for the sound food. -M>

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