" Cross Road Blues " (1936) ROBERTJOHNSON ================ The " RED HOT BLUES " (1925-1945) Texas Alexander Pink Anderson Kokomo Arnold Barbecue Bob Scrapper Blackwell Black Ace Ed Bell Blind Blake Ishman Bracey Big Bill Broonzy Richard "Rabbit" Brown Willie Brown Bumble Bee Slim Gus Cannon Bo Carter Sam Collins Floyd Council Gary Davis Sleepy John Estes Blind Boy Fuller Son House Peg Leg Howell Mississippi John Hurt Jim Jackson Skip James Blind Lemon Jefferson Blind Willie Johnson Lonnie Johnson Robert Johnson Tommy Johnson Charley Jordan Leadbelly Furry Lewis Tommy McClennan Robert Lee McCoy Blind Willie McTell The Memphis Jug Band Buddy Moss Memphis Minnie Charley Patton Jimmie Rodgers Frank Stokes Casey Bill Weldon Peetie Wheatstraw Bukka White Josh White Robert Wilkins Super Jumbos * Gibson SJ-100 * Gibson SJ-150 Maple * Gibson SJ-200 * Gibson SJ-200 EC * Gibson SJ-300 Small Bodies * Gibson Blues King * Gibson CJ-165 Maple * Gibson CJ-165 Rosewood * Gibson LC-1 * Gibson LC-2

18 thoughts on “Cross Road Blues 1936 – ROBERT JOHNSON, Delta Blues Guitar Legend

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  2. i’m sorry, you got me wrong.
    it was a compliment not a racist statement.

  3. robert johnson ain’t in Hell, he ‘s up in heaven on the same old guitar, showing good licks to people. Robert Johnson was about as gifted as any musician ever laid claim to, and i can’t believe that his music was anything But GOD given. Devil sold H I S soul to Robert. Robert threw it in his guitar and there it sat …soulfully wailin’ to this very day.

  4. demon talk? are you repeating what racists say about the blues?

  5. I don’t know what it is about this guy’s music and the music of this time. It SCARES me in the most amazing way possible. Yes, Supernatural did bring me here…but I’ll stay for Robert Johnson and his guitar.

  6. Old-time blues is some of my favorite music. What feeling. Really indescribeable.

  7. hurts me to know he dies so young and has soooooo much more to offer to the world

  8. Sorry, I’m speachless, can’t describe how I love PAST! It is like magical world! With all the music and mysteries like those photos of him!

  9. Again, I’m shocked & amazed (in a sad way, too) that there are so few comments on such a FANTASTIC version and WELL-DONE clip, here, of legendary Robert Johnson: such an enigmatic, influential person/personality on nearly all types of music we hear to this day. FASCINATING & FABULOUS…THANK YOU for this "RDH"!!!

  10. His music gives me goosebumps and sends shivers down my spine. No wonder people say he say he "sold his soul to the devil." WHatever your beliefs on the matter may be, there’s something strangely otherworldly about this music. It’s great! and eerie in an inexplicable sort of way. You know?

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