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25 thoughts on “Early Chicago Blues Guitar Backing Track in A

  1. yes you can have every thing you want,if you realy want some thing…….CAUSE THA WISHIS IS FOR PUSSIS :p

  2. God bless you for sharing this track!

  3. Hey man I really like your tracks. Are the discs still available? THanks

  4. Blues music originated in African culture but it is global. We can ALL feel the blues. One love.

  5. A great backing and a standard blues jam. Great fun to play on it !
    All the Best 😉

  6. hey guys please have a solo on my backing track in the video responses!

  7. at this point, I’d love to use a John Lee Hooker quote, "When you close your eyes, do you hear color? Cause I don’t!"

  8. Love these backing tracks! Check out some more blues on my youtube channel.

  9. i wish i had a Fender….bastard 🙁

  10. wasnt it because they used dominant seventh chords which were considered in the middle ages..the devil’s chords…etc

  11. lol ive never heard that before
    your ideas are amazing! you should right a book about it…….
    btw im white, and never specified blues being black or white
    just saying that lots of white ppl steal black musicians credit

  12. That’s a rather strong statement. What church are you talking about?

  13. Chill out. Blues isn’t "black music", it’s not "white music" either. Blues is for everyone; White, black, Asian, middle eastern, African, South American, or Islander, it doesn’t matter who you are, the blues is for you.

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  15. Which proves once again that the church is out for the church, and religion divides communities.

  16. NO WAY
    you mean a white man copied a song from a black man and made money off it

  17. i love this B.T. to improvise it’s excellent

  18. I’m in Hendrixs electric church… if thats what you mean… lol

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