(This is a repost of this video. I accidentally deleted the original video that I had posted in Feb 08). This video will explain how to play: Opening Riff Verse Middle End The guitar is tuned in STANDARD tuning….NOT open G. Keith has played it in Standard tuning for 40 years. Check out them playing this song in Hyde Park 1969 and see for yourself that Keith is playing it the same way even then: Standard tuning and Capo 7. This proves that Keith has NEVER played it in Open G. If one wanted to play this in Open G…youd have to put the capo on 4 to still play in the key of B. You CANNOT have it in Open G and still have the capo on 7 to play in B. It is on capo 7 in standard tuning. Here is a picture of Keith playing Midnight Rambler @ Hyde Park in 1969 (a couple months before Let It Bleed was released). i142.photobucket.com Recently, there was an article in an Italian newspaper explaining the history of the song. In the article it confirms that Keith played it in standard tuning…capo 7. Here is the article: i142.photobucket.com There is a guy on YouTube that shows you how to play this song in Open G. While its a good video…you will NOT be playing this song the way Keith does. The only way to achieve the sound he creates is to have in Standard tuning. *This video has been approved by the iorr.org messageboard. Hardcore Stones fans have seen this video and agree that it is the correct way to play Midnight Rambler!

23 thoughts on “How to (FINALLY) Play Midnight Rambler – The Rolling Stones

  1. yo.great lesson.dumb question though.is the 2cond guitar =ron wood just standard no capo?thanx

  2. Nice video. No put downs or egocentric crap, just music. Well done!

  3. Justin, you say you never make any of these instructional guitar videos. I think you should make more of them. You have a gift for it. Easy for me to say that, sure but if you ever find time to do some I would rather watch your videos than any I have found so far.

  4. Cool It is in key of C. What I have always been interested in since I am a slide guitar player. Is what tuning is the studio slide version in. I would think open C. I have tried open G, and it was not right. But when I capoed G up to C it sounded close. So the slide version is in open C I believe.

  5. how about the sft caitalinbread demo by Brett Kingman? he nails it

  6. Keith didn’t start really using his signature open G tuning until around the end of 1967. Brian played a lot of open tuning on rhythm guitar and other odd tunings until he eventually faded away.

  7. Great lesson, i´m totally agree with the chords and Riffs. greetings from Spain

  8. 7:00 min mark. Bridge first tempo change?
    I loveee this video. It’s one of my favorites, all time on YouTube. I’ve been trying to get this song forever. I’ve got it down up until this point in the video. I don’t understand what he’s doing there??. Please help.

  9. I found that really easy to follow and am very pleased to be finally playing one of my fave songs. I know you said that you don’t normally do these but i seriousy recommend you reconsider that was awsome. Some more more blues please Led Zepp or Hendrix maybe and of course more Stones.

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