quick tutorial for everyone wanting to know how to pick slide with a guitar. Some little Tips and Tricks : + things people have asked said. 1. Someone said…

24 thoughts on “How to Pick-Slide with an Electric Guitar

  1. The guy’s Australian though, not English.

  2. I was looking for another pick slide like in the song "Trust Issues" by Beneath The Veil.. Please help me with this trick i want to know people 🙂

  3. Where I come from, it’s spelt ‘spelt’. Look it up. 🙂

  4. Well you spelt ‘You’re’ wrong, funny world!

  5. @13alicelove it’s a Fender SG with a tele style pickup in the bridge and a piezo for the neck pickup 🙂

  6. Why I watched this, I do not know xD That pickslide sounds god awful.

  7. lol, i was chuckling about "11", then you said it haha

  8. i didnt even notice that haha
    i was wrapped up in the stupidity of the generalised comment

  9. 1. this is an australian accent (see description)
    2. british would be the accent youre failing to grasp
    3. some women like it, not all are retarded enough to ignore other factors and allow their perception to be distorted
    in short: no… but if you were attractive or had some charm, you wouldnt care enough to ask

  10. Here I was thinking I’ve finally found an American (you) who doesn’t use British as a synonym for English. Yet you don’t even know what an Australian accent is. Idiot.

  11. i was wondering too im thinking its a "EPIPHONE LES PAUL STUDIO

  12. bro what kind of guitar is that?? i love the two double humbucker pick ups

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