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19 thoughts on “How to Play "Slide" by Goo Goo Dolls on Guitar

  1. Sadly he isnt. Ive seen faster, If its too fast then reply it until you can see his exact strumming. if you are too lazy to even do that then i suggest giving up guitar since you cant even take a few minutes to take your time to learn something so simple.

  2. why does everyone ask strumming pattern when they are already showing you? If you are wanting to play guitar then pay attention. Not everything is handed to you. Its not difficult to see how they are strumming or picking when they are showing you directly.Comment negative about this but honestly idc. Learn to pay attention and work for something.

  3. stop whining guys its called practicing guitar your not supposed to know the picking as soon as you see it i practiced for about a week and now i know it perfectly

  4. This guy is the worst teacher, copletely worthless. Are u for real with expecting us to learn that picking on our own?? its impossible to see how u do it ffs.

  5. Do you not have one? 1 pencil, 1 rubber band, solved.

  6. it’s not hard to figure it out yourself…

  7. You are not lieing bro this mug was talking was to damn fast lol.. Marty is the best teacher by far..

  8. Thanks Peter! Not all my tutorials are winners haha, but I really appreciate the support and kind words. Keep up the great work man!

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