Ben Robinson – Impromptu Jam 4 The Bank, Daytona Beach 2007 http 633sartist, 22 Year old singersongwriter Ben Robinson started making his mark at an early age. "I came from a very rough place and tough times were all we knew. When I was 9, my dad gave me a guitar and I would spend hours in my room listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King, I copied every note, then worked to develop my own style. Music helped me stay away from the bad choices some of my friends were making, if you know what I mean". When just a teen he began playing with Warrant, working with Paul Shaffer, Nickelodeon, Letterman and stealing the show at blues festivals all over Southern California. Ben is being introduced to millions in is roll as one of the faces of Guitar Centers Laguna Guitar line. So far his likeness has adorned a full page in both the April and May issues of Guitar World Magazine and GCs million issue buyers guide. Bens new CD is getting airplay around the world and some are calling it the album of the year. His music appeals to a wide variety of audiences and some consider him one of the best young guitar players in the world. Here are a few comments and reviews about Ben: "Ben can play straight ahead blues with the best of them, yet he takes his performance to a stadium level like only a select few can. He is breathtaking"! Monte Willis 633 Records "I have seen a lot of guitar <b>…<b>

7 thoughts on “INSANE BLUES GUITAR RIFFS! BEN ROBINSON Daytona Beach Now on Itunes & Amazon

  1. Just great, thumbs up (later "this feature" is not available they say)
    g : ) ♪

  2. Hey sorry mate! I didn’t mean to offend. Your playing is incredibly good and way out of sight of the pathetic scratchings that come from my guitars! It was late and I was ready to retire. I should have been more expressive of my opinion. I can now only dream of such technique and capability.

    Just to rewind and start over, my post should have read;

    ‘Excellent playing with just a little work required to attain a bit more expression and feeling for old style blues playing’

    Bye for now

  3. Thanks, that was some time ago, had just rolled in from Ca. I will work on the feeling…

  4. Lacked feeling…the whole point of the blues. (ask BB King)

  5. Ben that’s cool I got to play at "The Bank" this summer when we were on vacation there. Cool venue. Great Playing man. Peace Jake Rogers , Atlanta GA

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