Blues acoustic guitar lessons Free Lesson Download http Its me playing a blues guitar classic Love in Vain in a slightly different way. When learning to play the blues, we of course have to understand the basic techniques and how the old guys put them together. After that, its good to put your own personality on the music, but try to keep the original flavor of the blues. Love in vain – Robert Johnson Best, Jim Deep River Blues Lesson Jim Bruce Channel

23 thoughts on “Jim Bruce blues guitar – Love In Vain – Robert Johnson Cover

  1. man! You make that fender cigar box sound great, and that’s a compliment!

  2. Hey fellow ,you’re great ! I bought your first pack+"Down & out" & "Poor and ain’t got a dime" …you’re amazing…..the videoes are mighty fine…n’ you’re much of a talented fellow….I have been looking for the mp3 of your version of "Down and out" and also the lesson for "New Orleans" I could find neither….

  3. Great playing. Interesting how you play robert johnson with only thumb and pointer. Only tow reverends can pull that off. You and gary davis.

  4. Outstanding, sir! Wish I had chops like yours. Great stuff.

  5. wow that was great, have to say i wasnt  expecting such an amazing voice

  6. I bet it did. You look like an undertaker or someone you might trade with at a midnight crossroads. 😉

  7. At 0:32 does can anyone help me with figuring how to do that walk down?

  8. At 0:32 does can anyone help me with figuring how to do that walk down?

  9. Absolutely fabulous (all your videos. Congratulation. Do you give guitar lessons ?

  10. the only person ive herd that makes a fender ACOUSTIC sound GOOOD

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