Sky News reporter Lucy Cotter interviews Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on The Rolling Stones 50 years Golden Anniversary.

22 thoughts on “Keith Richards and Mick Jagger Interview – Rolling Stones 50 Years Golden Anniversary

  1. Yes I heard that, I will do my Utmost to get a ticket cause they said they’ll do something this year.

  2. Keith says they’ve been rehearsing for something coming up.

  3. I wish that was MY birthday, I would be younger, ha ha 

  4. Wow, Keef really needs to start dying his hair black again! Mick looks great as usual. It appears that he coulda just walked off the cover of the "Black and Blue" album. I hear their new cd is going to be called "50 Licks."

  5. These two guys you mentioned wont be bothering about publicity shots their thrill is just to
    playing with the stones.
    If I’m buying a stones calender I’m not wanting pictures of Darryl and Chuck in the pics , just the stones.

  6. Course he is, Ronnie’s also on the old Grecian 2000. Any word of a tour, new lp?

  7. Do you think Jagger dye’s his hair?

  8. And he’s not dyeing his hair anymore and he’s still the King of Cool.

  9. Yes but where is his red headband! he looks too dressed up, ha ha

  10. Great footage Johnny. I have to say Keef looks extremely well in this video.

  11. Thank you the Rolling Stones for your contribution to fab era.

  12. Absolutely 50 fantastic years. I’ve loved the ride

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