Magda made the tea again ­čśë Amazing set @ Robert Johnson (Offenbach) until 11 oclock in the morning!

22 thoughts on “Magda playing @ Robert Johnson 04.04.08 in the morning

  1. that’s the man behind sunrise and sunwawes festival ­čÖé

  2. i dont think the guy right at the front of the booth is out his face enough


  3. what that killing mullet!!!! get 20 bucks´╗┐ and get haircut gringo

  4. he is the´╗┐ owner of Sunrise, a booking agency from romania that’s responsible for sunwaves fest

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  7. probably their´╗┐ dealer. he should be shot for having that mullet

  8. Whoever he is, he’s being obnoxious and Magda wants him´╗┐ out!

  9. i agree with weedbrothers, actually magda is the one who got these beautiful´╗┐ sets ^^

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